Dressing rules for mature men

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Most men are lazy. Unlike girls, they won’t go out unless they are well-dressed. Moreover, men don’t spend too much time and energy on dressing up. But to become a mature man, you should learn how to dress well. To score your own image, the following article summarizes and recommends some dressing rules for everyone.


A man should have his own suit, a good suit. The key to wearing a good suit is the fit.If you are buying ready-made clothes, the main thing to look at is whether the shoulders fit well. Some top tailors have said that it is relatively easy to change the chest and waist of a gentleman's suit, as long as you are not making deep modifications and are obsessed with the style of a certain era.

The classic model is the best and most practical choice - gray/navy blue, single row with two buttons, and the word moderation is reflected in every detail.


Most men's clothes are black, white and gray. They don't want to wear brightly colored clothes. All colors make them feel unmanly.In fact, many colors are suitable for men. For example, a green suit makes people look informal. Pinks, greens, mustards and brighter blues can all enhance your overall look.However, it is worth reminding: please follow the minimum color selection. When matching clothes, you just add a few beautiful colors.

Understand yourself

People know how to be valuable. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your weight, height, and body shape is a sign of self-awareness.When a man can choose the clothes he wants to wear instead of being stuck in the ones that he thinks are suitable, it means that you know what you want and you are a mature man.

No matter what you wear, you have to truly own it. Clothes should be an extension of a man, not a marker of identity.Those who have found a sense of style and confidence in their clothes use clothes as a second skin rather than just a piece of clothing.


Dressing has always been a kind of balance, with one end being oneself and the other end being the world.Think of outfit selection as a coding process: you need to understand whether you're attending a black-tie dinner or a Saturday nightclub. The worst thing that can happen is that you don't fit in with your surroundings.

Many people think that this is conformity and lack of individuality, but this is not the case.

Dressing with the occasion in mind is a form of respect for others and is also the way to dress in the most comfortable way for you.


The rest of the above are for your reference only. To find your own dressing style, boldly trying without fear of wearing the wrong is the ultimate way.You need to know when to stick to dress code, such as wearing a black tie, and when to break the rules.Fashion itself is about breaking the rules, making progress bit by bit, and enjoying innovation is a mature mentality.


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