Fashion Exploration: The Origin of Ascot tie

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The Ascot tie is a symbol of timeless style and refinement. Its association with high society events like the Royal Ascot continues to add to its allure. Whether you're dressing for a special occasion or simply want to elevate your everyday look, consider incorporating the Ascot tie into your wardrobe for a touch of classic elegance. Let’s explore the origin of the Ascot tie and try to understand what makes it so popular. 

The Origin of Ascot tie

The Ascot tie has roots in the earlier cravat style popular in the early 19th century, notably during the time of Beau Brummell. These cravats were made of stiff linen and intricately tied around the neck. By the 1880s, men of the upper-middle class in Europe began wearing a more relaxed version of the cravat for formal daytime events with frock coats or morning coats.

The name "Ascot" comes from the Royal Ascot race meeting held at Ascot Racecourse, where this style of tie was popular. Although no longer worn at the Royal Ascot races, the Ascot tie remained a popular choice for business attire with morning dress in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Today, the mens Ascot tie remains a feature of morning dresses, particularly for weddings. 

In addition to civilian use, the Ascot tie has had military applications. It has been part of the uniform for students at the United States Army Officer Candidate School, with different colors representing different stages of training.

Characteristics of the Ascot Tie

What distinguishes the Ascot tie from other neck wear is its unique blend of formality and informality. It's more relaxed than a traditional necktie, yet still exudes a refined air. The Ascot tie is typically made from silk or a similar fabric, featuring a broad, flat end which is secured with a decorative pin.

How to Wear an Ascot Tie? 

Wearing an Ascot tie is all about achieving a balance between effortless style and sophistication. Here's a simple guide to mastering this classic look:

Choose Your Fabric: Opt for a silk Ascot tie for formal events or a patterned fabric for a more casual look.

Wrap Around the Neck: Drape the tie around your neck with one end longer than the other.

Cross Over: Cross the longer end over the shorter end, just like tying a half Windsor knot.

Adjust the Length: Adjust the length of the ends until they're just right, with the longer end hanging gracefully down the front.

Secure with a Pin: Use a decorative pin to hold the Ascot tie in place, adding a touch of flair to your ensemble.

Pairing Ascot Tie To Look Stylish 

mens ascot cravat ties

Solid Color Ascot Tie

A crisp white dress shirt is a classic choice that complements a solid color Ascot tie elegantly. The simplicity of the white shirt allows the tie to stand out. Pair this combination with a well-fitted navy or charcoal suit jacket or blazer. The darker tones provide a refined backdrop for the solid color tie. Solid colours like red ascot or orange ascot tie is also popular. 

Patterned Ascot Tie

Choose a light blue or pale pink dress shirt to pair with a patterned Ascot tie neck tie. These shirt colors offer a subtle contrast without clashing with the tie's pattern. Opt for a light gray or beige sports jacket to complement the colors in the patterned tie. The neutral tones create a harmonious look that's suitable for various occasions.

Floral Ascot Tie

A light gray or lavender dress shirt can complement a floral Ascot tie beautifully. These soft hues enhance the floral pattern without overpowering it.
Pair this combination with a tailored tweed or herringbone blazer in earthy tones like brown or olive. The textured coat adds depth to the outfit and complements the whimsical nature of the floral tie.

Silk Ascot Tie

Choose a light pink or light gray dress shirt to pair with a silk Ascot tie. These shirt colors offer a subtle backdrop that allows the sheen of the silk tie to shine. Opt for a dark green or burgundy velvet blazer for a luxurious touch. The rich textures and colors of the coat contrast beautifully with the silk tie, creating a sophisticated look.

Styling Tips

Aim for a balanced contrast between the colors and patterns of the tie, shirt, and coat. 
Ensure that the shirt, tie, and coat fit well and are proportionate to your body size. Proper fit is key to a polished appearance.
Add minimal accessories like a pocket square or tie bar to complement the ensemble without overwhelming it.


You can create a sophisticated look by carefully selecting and matching your Ascot tie with the right shirt and coat. Experiment with different combinations to discover what suits you best and makes you feel confident and refined.


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