How long are extra long men's ties?

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It is important to pay attention to every detail when it comes to men's fashion, and neckties are no exception. Ties come in different sizes. There is also a category for extra long ties for men. These ties are designed for individuals who often find standard lengths inadequate, providing both style and functionality. Are you a tall looking to buy a tie? How long are extra long men's ties? Let’s try to understand 

How long are extra long men's ties?

extra long men's ties

Unlike standard ties that typically measure around 57 to 58 inches, men's extra long ties extend beyond these measurements. Generally ranging from 61 to 64 inches, these ties offer an additional length that caters to taller individuals or those with broader necks. The extra length ensures that the tie reaches the belt line, creating a balanced and polished look. Ties with a 70-inch length are also available from some tie sellers. Ties2You offer a variety of lengths of ties with different patterns, style, and color. You have the option to choose the length while buying. 

Why People Choose Extra long Ties? 

men's extra long ties

Meet the needs of taller individuals 

One of the primary purposes of extra long men's ties is to accommodate the needs of taller men. Standard ties can often leave taller individuals with an awkwardly short length, disrupting the overall harmony of their attire. Men's extra long ties address this issue, providing the necessary length to achieve a well-proportioned and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Taller men can now confidently express their style without compromising on the fundamentals of proper fit and presentation.

Get Suitable Proportion

Proportion is the key to a well-put-together outfit, and extra long men's ties designers contribute significantly to achieving this balance. When a tie falls just right, reaching the belt line, it creates a seamless flow from the collar to the waist. This not only enhances the overall look but also adds an air of sophistication to the wearer. The extra length becomes a tool for sartorial elegance, allowing individuals to project a polished image, whether in a professional setting or a formal event.

Add Versatility in Styling

While extra long men's ties are a necessity for some, they also offer versatility in styling for those who fall within the standard height range. Tying a longer tie opens up new possibilities for creative knots, adding a touch of flair to the ensemble. The additional length can be manipulated to experiment with various knots like the Windsor or the Eldredge, creating a distinctive and personalized look. This versatility makes men's extra long silk ties a valuable addition to any man's wardrobe, regardless of height.

Customization for Broad Necks:

Apart from catering to height, extra long men's ties are also a sartorial solution for individuals with broader necks. Standard ties can feel constricting for those with more substantial neck sizes, leading to discomfort and an unappealing aesthetic. Ties2you extra long ties, with their extended length, provide the necessary fabric to comfortably wrap around a broader neck, ensuring a comfortable fit without compromising on style.

Material Matters

The dimensions of extra long men's ties also influence the way various fabrics drape and knot. Different materials behave distinctively, and the extra length allows for a more pronounced and refined tie knot. Men's extra long silk ties, for example, exhibit a luxurious sheen when tied with a bit of extra length, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The choice of material, combined with the added length, contributes to the tie's overall aesthetics and its ability to complement the wearer's outfit.


What is the best way to measure the length of your tie?

 men's extra long silk ties

Measure Your Height

You can use a tape measure or ruler to measure your height. This will be your baseline for tie length.

Length Check

As we mentioned before, standard tie lengths typically range from 57 to 58 inches. If you're of average height, this length may work well for you. It will be more suitable for tall people to wear extra long ties that are appropriate for their height.

Consider Knot Type

Think about the type of knot you prefer. Larger knots, like the Windsor, may require a longer tie to achieve the right length after tying. The tip of your tie should ideally touch the middle of your belt buckle for a balanced look. Adjust the length accordingly.

Proportional Balance

Ensure the tie's length contributes to a proportional and balanced appearance, enhancing your overall ensemble.

Final Adjustments

Make final adjustments based on your comfort and style preferences. The goal is to find the perfect balance where the tie complements your body proportions and personal style.


extra long men's ties

The length of a tie plays a crucial role in achieving a harmonious and polished look. Men's extra long ties, with their extended dimensions, cater to the needs of taller individuals and those with broader necks. Beyond mere functionality, these ties offer a canvas for creative knotting, allowing individuals to express their style with versatility. 



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