Who is Suitable For Wearing Extra Long Ties?

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Do you ever notice those folks who seem to effortlessly pull off extra long ties? They look sharp, right? But have you ever wondered if these ties are for everyone? 

Extra long ties are a bit different from your regular ones. They're, well, longer! They usually hang below the belt, adding a bit of flair to your outfit. But here’s the thing: they're not just for show. They actually serve a purpose, especially for certain types of people. Who is suitable for wearing extra-long ties? Let’s try to understand.

Who is Suitable For Wearing Extra Long Ties?

Extra Long Ties for men

A standard long tie typically measures around 57 to 60 inches in length from end to end. However, when we refer to an "extra long tie," we're talking about ties that exceed these standard measurements, often ranging from 61 inches up to 65 inches or more. Who needs to consider extra-long ties? 

You know, the ones who have to duck to avoid hitting their heads on door frames? Yeah, those folks. Tall people often find regular ties a bit too short. It's like they're wearing a mini tie! Extra long ties are perfect for them because they add that extra length needed to keep things balanced and stylish.

Then there are those with broader necks. Standard ties might feel like they're squeezing your neck a bit too much or just look kinda weird. Extra long ties come to the rescue here too. They provide the right amount of length to keep everything looking proportional and comfy. 

If you're a fan of making a bold fashion statement, extra long ties can be your best friend. They stand out in a crowd and add a touch of personality to your outfit. So, if you're the type who loves to turn heads and start conversations with your style choices, go ahead and rock that extra long tie!

Now, does this mean extra long ties are off-limits for everyone else? Not necessarily! Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so if you feel like trying out an extra long tie and you like how it looks, go for it! There are no hard and fast rules in fashion, just guidelines to help you find your style groove.

Styling Tips for Extra Long Ties

So, you've got yourself an extra long tie and you're ready to step up your style game. But how exactly do you go about styling it to perfection? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some handy tips to make sure you rock that long tie with confidence.

Choose the Right Shirt

When it comes to styling an extra long tie, the right shirt can make all the difference. Opt for a classic button-down shirt in a solid color or subtle pattern. This provides the perfect backdrop for your statement-making tie.

Coordinate with Your Suit

Whether you're rocking an all black suit or something more colorful, make sure your extra long tie complements your outfit. Consider the color and fabric of your suit when selecting your tie to ensure a cohesive look.

Experiment with Patterns and Textures

Don't be afraid to mix things up with your mens silk ties. Experiment with different patterns, like stripes or polka dots, to add visual interest to your ensemble. You can also play with textures, such as a textured silk necktie, to add depth to your look.

Proportion is Key

Since XL ties are longer than standard ties, it's important to pay attention to proportion. Make sure your tie reaches just below the waistband of your trousers for a polished look. Avoid ties that are too wide, as they can overwhelm your frame.

Accessorize Wisely

A well-chosen accessory can take your extra long dress tie look to the next level. Consider adding a stylish tie bar or pocket square to complete your ensemble. Just remember to keep it subtle and avoid overdoing it.

Confidence is Everything

The most important styling tip of all: wear your extra long tie with confidence. Own your look and rock it with pride. After all, nothing complements a stylish outfit better than a confident attitude.

Final Words

So, whether you’re tall, broad-necked, or just love a bit of extra pizzazz in your wardrobe, extra long ties might be just what you need to take your style game to the next level. Give them a try and see how they work for you! Whether you're dressing for a formal occasion or just want to add some flair to your everyday look, these tips will help you make a stylish statement every time. Get ties of all sizes from Ties2You. 


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