Bolo Tie Matching Guide

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Poirot tie, called Bolo Tie or Bola Tie in English, originated in the western United States and is an American-style metal pendant.


"Bola" refers to the throwing rope. Shepherd boys in South America use it to  stumble animals' feet and catch them. In the 1940s, silversmiths in Arizona, USA, got inspiration from this prop and made a rope tie fixed with a buckle. This is the ancestor of the "bola tie". The birthplace of Poirot tie in Arizona, in order to promote Poirot tie, Poirot tie was designated as the "Arizona Statutory Tie" in 1973, and an organization called Poirot Tie Association was even established.



Bolo Tie is an American-style buckle and chain ornament, which can be matched with shirts and suits like a tie. It can be used for formal or casual wear. The style is casual and exquisite. It is unisex and is more and more popular in the international fashion industry. The more popular. Especially suitable for the following occasions:

1. Formal official duties, business activities or after-work social entertainment in bars and restaurants: usually wear the suit that you wear to go to the appointment on such occasions, but it seems that you are still busy with work, I am afraid that it is too late to change the suit; Not wearing a tie may not be appropriate in some delicate occasions. At this time, changing your tie to a Poirot tie may be your best choice.

2. Formal but not so formal receptions, weddings and other fancy occasions: Compared with bow ties and ties, the matching of Poirot tie and dress shirt will add a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

3. As a casual wear accessory: choose a casual shirt that you like, pair it with jeans or casual pants, and match it with leather shoes; it looks casual and exquisite.

4. In the season of wearing shirts and T-shirts, if you feel that your chest is empty and uncomfortable, and you don’t want to use a tie, and you don’t want to use an elegant bow tie, you might as well start with a bolo tie (button tie) that will make you look Both elegant and refined, but also give people a strong American denim style of men and women


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