5 Ties Every Man Should Have

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Ties are the "soul of the suit", and when everyone is wearing dark blue and dark gray suits, it is the tie that can distinguish you from others and show your personal taste.

There are many different styles of ties, and for different occasions we need different styles of ties or other accessories to match, a suitable tie will enhance our temperament, and can also express respect to others. But often, we may not have time to prepare the right tie, or we may not have all the ties available in the Market. So we need to always have classic and versatile ties that we can use as an alternative, even if sometimes we don't have time to prepare them.
So let's take a look at five ties that every man should own, as recommended by ties2you.

1. Black solid color tie

Wearing a standard width solid black tie is the most classic and versatile. Black can be worn with any color suit and vest, and black is a color that will not excel and is tried on many occasions.

Black Solid Necktie

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2. Blue and golden striped tie

The blue and gold single match in some cases is a step up from black. Compared to solid colors, stripes instead give a more regular look. The base color is blue, that is, dark blue, and the pattern is golden stripes, stable and atmospheric, especially can help you to establish a sense of authority in the project briefing, or meeting with clients, such business occasions.

Blue Golden Striped Necktie

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3. Burgundy plaid tie

If you can only choose one kind of red, I recommend buying burgundy or purple red, if you want to break the dullness of red, you can use small dots or plaid pattern.

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4. Paisley Tie

This is a curvaceous pattern that has a rather old history. The paisley pattern is the most popular among the ties designed by Tiesyou. I don't think you can go wrong with any of Ties2you's paisley ties.

Beige Paisley Men's Necktie Pocket Square Cufflinks Set

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5.Purple geometric tie

Purple is a popular color with women, so guys who wear purple ties are more likely to get attention from the opposite sex. Especially on a first date, making a good impression on her can give you a good start to your future. For this purple tie, you can choose a geometric pattern, or a small pattern that is neatly arranged.

Purple Geometric Polka Dot Tie Hanky Cufflinks Set

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Remind you of two things.

1. Any tie that contains white, blue and gray, three colors, is fantastic. Because this will give white shirts, dark blue and dark gray suits leave a high value with space.

2. In addition to the five ties I recommended earlier, but also want to buy more, try not to let the color repeat, so that your image will have a sense of freshness.


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