Should you wear a tie or bow tie at the wedding?

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At the wedding, the bride and groom's clothing and accessories need to be carefully selected, and bow tie and tie are common men's accessories, so the bride and groom preparing for the wedding will always encounter the problem of whether to wear a tie or bow tie for the wedding. In fact, the groom is to choose a tie or bow tie need to consider a variety of circumstances.

1. According to the clothing selection

Generally speaking, if the groom chooses a suit, then we are in the vast majority of cases tie is a natural choice, but if the groom is more maverick, to choose a tuxedo and other dresses to attend the wedding, then we must go to choose a bow tie this more suitable with the dress accessories, of course, if we wear a suit closer to the dress, then you can also choose to match the bow tie.

2. The groom's body

If the groom is short and fat, then we can not choose the dress and bow tie as the groom's wedding clothes, because such a body of men generally only wear a suit to look more spiritual, short neck groom should remember not to choose bow tie, otherwise, it will look more short neck. On the contrary, men with too long necks should choose bow ties instead, so that they can look more perfect.

3. Convenience

In fact, the bow tie is more convenient compared to the tie, for example, at the wedding if the tie is too long, it is easy to get dirty, or even accidentally into the dishes, causing unnecessary embarrassment, the bow tie is different, small and tight, there will not be any inconvenience.

4. According to temperament

Ties are more suitable for mature and successful men, while bow ties are more suitable for men with soft looks.



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